Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Guncounter Forum is Successfully Migrated


As of midnight Sunday, April 8th, the Guncounter forum is migrated, up, and
functioning, with apparently zero data loss, on the new server.

Until the DNS change is made, the forums can be reached at

I also have a redirect from the old server to the new, so that as long as
they're hitting the old (except via a specific bookmark), they'll be
redirected; but that should transparently go away when the DNS is changed

The only weirdness will be the cookies on the board won't work until the
DNS change propagates. Once you stop seeing the forum at and start seeing it at once again, the cookies will work again.

Again, please let me know about any other weirdness, either responding to
this post, or posting to the thread of the same title on the forum.