Friday, July 06, 2012

Trimming the fat?

Just thought I'd post a graphic illustration of how much weight I've lost over the past year and a half:

That piece, is what I just cut off my belt.

When I bought this belt, I wore it on the last or second to last hole, giving it about 5.5" of tail. I just cut 10.5" off the belt, and I'm wearing it on the fifth hole back, now giving it 6.5" of tail (and I sometimes wear it an inch, or even two inches tighter, depending on how fat I may be that day). I've been punching extra holes in it from last summer, but I hadn't bothered cutting the extra off until now.

So... That's about 11.5" off my waist on a fat day, and 13.5" off my waist on a skinny day.

Not bad really.

'Course I'm still only half way to where I want to be (back to between a 38 and a 42), but it's progress.