Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whenever lefties say something stupid about "renewable energy"

... Which is of course fairly frequently, I tell them flat out "no, it won't work".

They then get this look on their faces like I'm just being an obstructionist ass and indignantly shout something like:

"Why not. These guys tell me we could have 20% of our power needs met by renewables RIGHT NOW, if we only had the political will/government subsidies/laws to force everyone to do it etc... etc...  I bet you just hate the environment and love your SUV too much"

Well... it's a pickup truck, and yes, I do love it more than I love YOUR concept of what "the environment" is and/or should be (I LIVE in "the environment" you THINK you are talking about... I chose to move here specifically because of how it REALLY is... which has very little to do with how you THINK it is... but that's another story).


No, that's not why it won't ever work.

"Ok... why not then, mr. pessimist".

Simple... Physics and Math.

...Not politics, not will, not lifestyle changes, not because we love our SUV's too much...

Just Physics and Math: