Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Life sucks

So... Life.

Current status: went to a guardianship hearing yesterday morning to give our consent to Christopher's great-aunt having temporary guardianship. She enrolled him in school.

Could have gone to the IEP meeting at his new school. Felt like I should go home instead.

Get home, Chris is urinating blood. Wait to see if it continues. Took him to the ER with a urine sample that looked like Merlot.

Too high of blood thinner dose combined with bladder infection. He's home now.

My cell phone automatically connected to the hospital wifi because it was still saved.

He got out of the hospital 2 days after Christmas and I had to take him back in yesterday.

Of course our deductible and out of pocket max reset. Because January.

In the meantime last month we put $3k of necessary repairs into the borrowed vehicle. Paid the health insurance. Filled the heating oil tank. Christmas.

And then... Last month was a really bad month for me. Possibly one of my top ten worst, and I've had months that included my husband almost dying something like 3 times now.

Between health, Chris needing so much care, Christopher having special needs, dealing with CPS and Christopher living with his great-aunt, and other things I've got going on... I'm only one person. And this person is exhausted.

But anyway...

Since we spent so much on vehicle repairs and health insurance and heating oil, I haven't managed to pay rent yet. Or electric. And then there's $8k in deductible for the next surgery as soon as Chris's heart is cleared for anesthesia.

Anything would help.

I've still got a GoFundMe going BUT it takes days to clear so if it is at all possible to use PayPal (chris@chrisbyrne,com) or Messenger Payments that is much faster.

Thanks all,