Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No shit, there I was...

8 miles high and nothing between me and certain death but a thin blonde...

Actually it was a well rounded brunette (namely Mel, or more specifically Mels lap), and it wasn't certain death, but a fluffy cotton pillowtop; but hey, we all need our illusions right.

You know the difference between a sea story and a fairy tale? Fairy Tales start with "Once upon a time" and Sea stories start with "No shit, there I was".

Anyway, one second I was trying to import my post archive into MT over at http://anarchangel.mu.nu (still broken BTW, but I'm working on it); the next second I was passed out in Mels lap; admittedly a pleastant place to be, but not for a great reason.

It's inevitable, the kids get sick, then the parents get sick.

Mel is yelling at me right now to put the damn computer away and rest, and I will.