Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quest for fire, and water

The quest for fire has been successful.

After calling up the gas company, and ripping them a new one for saying that someone would be here to turn on the gas sometime before midnight tonight; they sent someone out right that minute.

We have heat and hot water; and not a moment too soon, because it was gettin pretty miserable 'round here without them.

Not being able to bathe at will was driving Mel nuts (she is a woman after all), and as you can imagine we've got a fairly dirty 4 and 2 year old. For some reason cold water doesn't like to get sticky stuff out of little girl hair.

Speaking of cold water, I've got three women with me who don't drink enough of it, and as a result they are all perpetually dehydrated. I actually pretty much have to force Mel to drink two bottles of gatorade a day.

I'm trying to teach her the cardinal rule of hydration "If you don't gotta piss, you gotta drink"; but it just doesnt seem to be sticking.

My long term solution to this problem? Powdered drink mixes (gatorade, fruit punch, and iced tea) and a water service.

I've just signed on with O Premium waters, because they offer an electrolyte added water that's distilled and reverse osmosis filtered ("spring" water sucks unless you are looking for a specific mineral flavor. It's no good for coffee either), and an all the water you can drink plan for the same price as all the others 30 gallon plan. Better, you own your own water cooler, AND get maintenance and replacement as long as you have service with them. All in all not a bad deal, and I hope it will encourage my loved ones to stop dehydrating themselves.

Next step, acquire a barbequeue, and apply fire to MEAT. I've missed real BBQ; since my condo complex didnt allow presonal grills, and the community grills sucked so I didn't bother with them.