Monday, February 19, 2007

A rash of cookies

I've got a bunch of stuff to say today, about Zumbo, and ARs and AKs, and M1 carbines... unfrotunately I am patchily swollen and piebald lobster red at the moment.

Mel made some valentines cookies a couple days ago, and I hadn't had any until this afternoon. I ate about 6 of the little cookies (they're like 1.5" across and 1/8" thick pressed butter cookie wafers); and then about an hour later my hands and feet started itching. Within a few minutes from that, the swelling redness had taken over.

Anyway, the only thing different Id done today was to eat the cookies...

Well, actually tht's not true, because yesterday Mel got her nails done; the first time she's ever had long nails (they glow in the dark, which we thought was hilarious). We though at first maybe the nails were the culprit, because she's had those nails all the places that broke out.. but lets just say all the places she'd had her nails didn't break out... thank god.

Anyway, it had to be the cookies, and the only thing different about this batch from the others was the food coloring used, so we did a skin test.

Apparently I am quite allergic to Wiltons Christmas Red food coloring.

Thankfully, I buy Bendaryl in bulk jsut for such occaisons; but I've got enough in me at the moment to make me mroe than a little loopy. In fact I've had to retype jsut about every line of this post twice.

When my rash, and mental clarity both recover, I shall return.