Monday, February 12, 2007

What happened?

These are some pictures, of a formerly beautiful, and really quite small but slightly rounded girl, who turned into a lollipop headed stick figure. Yesterday was her 27th birthday.

This is Christina Ricci in 1999, after she recovered from her first bout of Anorexia (I can't find any candids of her from before then.

In these pictures, she's 5'1" and about 125lbs. She's really quite thin, just a little round in the cheeks, hips, and breasts. Those are GOOD characteristics.

Then she relapsed, and just look at these pictures from 2001

Ok, in this first picture, she's very thin, but at least she's still got some softness to her face, and she hasn't lost her breasts. Just look at these pics from later in the year:

In a matter of months, shes gone down to well under 100lbs; and she looks almost skeletal. Certainly not attractive, especially in comparison.

By 2003 she had "recovered" again, and was looking, still very thin at perhaps 110-115lbs, but good. Her curves were at least partially bad, and her face didn't look hollow.

She is once again beautiful, and desirable; looking more like a woman again, and not like a plastic coat hanger...

Unfortunately, by 2005, she was sliding backwards again:

I think the best thing that could be said is, unhealthy looking... Spindly, sunken.. she looks to me like a cancer patient. Her head looks all out of proportion to her body, and her breasts are dropped and floppy. I would estimate her weight here around 95lbs at most.

And today.. or rather a few days ago, she looked like this:

She doesn't look as sunken in, as hollow here, but I think if anything she has even less fat; she's just put on more muscle. She has gone from under eating to over exercising. Worse, I'm reasonably certain she's been under the knife a few times.

Now, I ask you, would you rather have a woman who looked like this:

Or one that looked like this:

I know what my choice is...