Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First day... half day really....

Well, today we a hell of a day wasn't it.

theguncounter.com started today with 18 users, and 38 posts; all from the closed beta begun late last week.

12 hours after we opened registration (remember, 12 not 24), we hit 160 members, and almost 430 posts; which I believe is more than the gunthing.com forums ever did in any three day period (though that may only be a two day record, I'm not sure).

Update: Ok, after 24 hours, we're at 200 members, and 540 total posts. I suspect we'll see another day or two of this level of activity, then things will smooth out and settle down a bit.

One thing that's really nice to see, is that in addition to getting almost all of the core community members from the old forums, we're also seeing a lot of new people. Always good to help the community grow.

I guess y'all are happy to be there. Well, we're more than happy to have you . Keep it up, this is getting fun.