Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some VERY good advice

Straight up, NEVER talk to any investigator for any reason, even if you think it will help you. You are wrong.

If you don't speak, most of the time, they can't convict you (guilty or innocent).

If you DO speak, most of the time, they WILL convict you (guilty or innocent).

EVERYONE is guilty of something. EVERYONE. Talk, and they will find it. Don't talk, and they may find something, they may not; but talk and they WILL find SOMETHING... ANYTHING to convict you of.

I'll say this flat out, I believe that every person in this country is guilty of a federal or state level felony. It is almost impossible not to be, because of the way the laws are written.

If a prosecutor wants to convict you, they're going to find SOMETHING.

DON'T SAY A WORD except, "I'm sorry, I will not answer any questions except my name without an attorney".