Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News Flash - World DOESN'T end because of "misguided science"

So, google had a pretty cool image up today

their approximation of the large hadron collider.

You know, the one the envirowhackos and pseudoscience idiots believe is going to destroy the universe?

It amazes me they managed to get this thing built in the land of the precautionary principle run mad (specifically Switzerland and France), but in fact it goes operational today. Hell it might already be creating micro black holes as I type this. Don't worry, if they exist at all (they probably don't), and if the LHC had enough energy to make them (it probably doesn't), they would collapse into themselves almost faster than they could be detected.

If we're SUPER LUCKY, it might even be producing Higgs Bosons... which we're almost sure we can detect if it does.

(actually, they're only testing it in one direction so there wont be any colliding going on today)

So, let me just say:

Yay Science, Screw You hippies!!!