Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Can't Believe it's been Five Years

Warren Zevon died five years ago today.


I remember hearing he was sick... then they did a documentary of him working on his last album and the tribue; and then the collaboration/tribute album came out... I still can't believe it's five years.

So anyway, here's his last appearance (on Letterman, which I watched live the first time around), followed by some other of my favorites:

Now there aren't many Zevon tunes I don't like, but I've got four special favorites:

Unfortunately, there are a few copies of my second favorite Zevon song "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"; but none of them are good enough quality that I want to post them here.

They DO have a good quality copy of my absolute favorite Zevon song though, "Hit Somebody"(with vocals from David Letterman):

So everyone, enjoy every sandwich.