Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Solid Win on Points

Mel and I watched the debate tonight.

No question, Obama may be good with rhetoric and delivery, but McCain crushed him on points.

Obama had one message tonight "John McCain is George Bush and George Bush is bad"... which really doesn't fly, because all the people who believe that are already supporting Obama.

Seriously, all night, Obama said basically nothing, except "I agree with John McCain" and "George Bush is bad".

McCain on the other hand had a good dozen one liners, message points, and sound bites. Stuff that Obama had no response for, and really should have.

Obama repeatedly tried to goad McCain, but McCain never rose to the bait... In fact he was far more tolerant than I would have been. Obama was clinical, McCain was controlled, but passionate.

I do wish McCain hd gone directly back at Obama about his flat out lies about economic policy, and several other points. I also wish that at some point he had said "Senator Obama, I am not George Bush, and you are not running against George Bush", or something to that effect; but I think McCain was really trying to stay above the belt here.

If we read an honest summary of the debate (admitedly we arent likely to see one from any organization besides Fox) and take McCains poor delivery out of the mix, all of this will be even more clear.

One other thing, the disrespectful and condescending tone, and repeated interruptions are also not going to play well. Obama came off as immature, rude, unprepared, inexperienced, and simply not knowledgeable.

McCains last words were that Obama didn't have the experience, knowledge, or judgement to be president, Obama didn't say anything in response. Think maybe he knows it's true?