Friday, September 05, 2008

Just randomly, one of my favorite songs of all time

Hard to figure out what my favorite Stevie song is really. "I Wish" is close, but so are Superstition, "Higher Ground", "Sir Duke"... hell nearly anything off of "Innervisions", "Talking Book", or "Song in the Key of Life"... or reaching back to "Signed Sealed Delivered" or even "For Once in My Life", or "Uptight".

Funny thing... even if you "don't know any Stevie Wonder" you do, because his music is so widely copied, sampled, covered, and put in the soundtracks of movies, tv shows, and commercials... it's absolutely ingrained in our culture. In fact I'd almost say you'd be hard pressed to watch TV for more than a couple hours and NOT hear something written by Stevie Wonder.

I can't tell you the number of times someone has said to me "oh hey I love that song, who is it", and I'll tell them it's Stevie, and they'll be shocked or just won't believe it; because their mental image of Stevie is "My Cherie Amor" or "Ebony and Ivory" (which I actually like, cheesy as it is) or something similar.

Well as you can tell, I much prefer his blues, soul, and funk tunes. Man, Stevie rocks, aint no two ways about it.