Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogging from the road home

I couldn't get Blogger working on the iPhone for the trip home, but twitter did work; so I'm publishing the tweets from the whole weekend here now, while I take the day off to recover from the trip.

A lot more about GBR 3 to come.

: I hate twitter, but I have to use it because everyone I know is now using it. So it's either use twitter or not know what's going on - 03:45 PM October 09, 2008

chrisbyrne: Back from the not so drunken revelry. Kinda hard to get sloppy on the macallan. - 11:30 PM October 09, 2008

chrisbyrne: Just back from the gunblogger range day. Great time had by all. Had 10 shots out of a Barrett M82A1 at 1000 yards, hit 8, bullseyed 2 - 03:00 PM October 11, 2008

: Well GBR 3 is just about done, cept for breakfast in the morning. Great times, good shooting, great people, and great conversation. - 12:34 AM October 12, 2008

chrisbyrne: On our way home now. 750 miles and 13 hours to go. - 11:16 AM October 12, 2008

chrisbyrne: Yerington Nevada is gorgeous - 01:07 PM October 12, 2008

chrisbyrne: Walker lake is even more beautiful - 01:51 PM October 12, 2008

chrisbyrne: 13 hours and 670 miles so far; bout 80 more to go... Maybe 75 minutes to home - about 22 hours ago

: Home. 750 miles in 11.5 hours drive time, 14 hours totaltrip time. - about 20 hours ago