Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogger Chain Letters

It seems that a couple of folks have given me "Superior Scribbler Awards".

While I appreciate the regard, and I hope I'm worthy of it; I don't participate in such things.

These "awards" are essentially chain letters for a mutual admiration society, and I don't see the value in participating. That's what I have a blogroll for.

I'd love to say my blogroll is only people I read every day, and recommend to everyone; unfortunately that's not true at the moment because I've become lazy and haven't kept my blogroll maintained.

Then of course a few weeks ago blogrolling hosed itself, and is still hosed.

I have list of about 80 blogs... and not quite blogs (daily updated news/editorial sites etc...); that I open in a tabbed browser window every morning and work through during the day. Then I do it again in the evening.

I don't read anyone who doesn't update at least once a week; and generally prefer daily updaters, or thrice weekly updaters. There are a couple friends I keep on the blogroll who don't meet the criteria.

The only "linkers" I read regularly are Unc (Says Uncle), and the news sites. There are others who update less frequently that I check every week or two, or who I read whenever they are linked by someone else.

These are the cleaned up list of blogs I read, and would recommend to others; not including the blogs I keep because they are my friends etc...

There are a lot of others that I would include if they would just update more, or would update with more than just memes and filler more often (Geek with a .45, Heartless Libertarian, Speakertweaker, De Doc, I'm talking to YOU... and about 50 others... ).

I leave Ambulance driver and law dog on there because sometimes they update a ton, sometimes not for a week; but usually when they do, it's very good.

My blogroll "Recommendations"

The Liberty Papers
The Other Side of Kim
Mrs. du Toit - Personal Effects
Eternity Road
Hog on Ice
The Smallest Minority
No Looking Backwards
Irons in the Fire
Nom de guerre: Rivrdog
LILEKS (James) :: Bleat
Hell in a Handbasket
The Countertop Chronicles
Mr. Completely
View From The Porch
the munchkin wrangler.
Xavier Thoughts
The LawDog Files
The View From North Central Idaho
Snowflakes in Hell - Where There's Snow, There's Firepower
A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver
Atomic Nerds
Call me Ahab
Monster Hunter Nation
Les Jones | A Bouquet of Weeds
Coyote Blog
Random Nuclear Strikes
Scott Adams Blog
Stolen Thunder
American Farmer
Depleted Cranium
The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology
Car Lust
Make Use Of: Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips
Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done
The Consumerist: Shoppers Bite Back
Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide
Engadget HD
Engadget Mobile
io9. Strung out on science fiction.
Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult Of Cars
And before someone makes anti-KimDuToit comments, yes I still read him, because his writing is still worth reading. Same with Rivrdog. We don't agree all the time, but why would that ever be a criteria for choosing what blogs I read?

Some might ask, "why don't I have Dr. Helen, Cranky prof, or Rachel Lucas, or Breda, or Sondrak, Agent Bedhead, LaShawn Barber, The Anchoress, etc... on there" .

Actually the only female bloggers I have up there are Tam, Connie, and LabRat from atomic nerds. Just a coincidence, nothing against women bloggers, or women who happen to be bloggers. I used to have all of those folks on my blogroll, but they didn't really capture my attention every day. I still read most of them all the time, but basically, every time they write something I want to read, someone else links it.

There's another big list of the occaisonal reads, like 10 ring, the Donovan (and his lovely wife Beth), Ace of Spades, Joe Merchant, Anthroblogogy, Dave Kopel, David Codrea, Gaypatriot, Jeff Soyer... yeah it's a big list. I check them once a week or so, so I don't recommend them to others as a whole (though on specific topics I do. Nobody better on gunrights than the Davids and Jeff Soyer for example).

Anybody have any recommendations for me? Or anyone who used to not update a lot, but has changed their habits so I can now blogroll them again? Let me know.

Oh and I have another list of about 30 news, editorial and opinion sites that I do the same with every day, and a third set of about 50 webcomics, and humor sites.