Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On The Road to Reno

Well, we're off on the road to Reno; racked, stacked, and packed, for the third annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous... Plus a couple extra days of the first paid vacation time I've taken in almost a decade.

Now it's time for 750 miles of audio books, good beef jerky, bad road food, and the company of my beautiful wife; as we drive though the emptiest portion of America (and I mean that literally. central Nevada is used for weapons testing for a reason).

We'll be back next Tuesday. 'Til then there will be periodic updates and pictures of the GBR, but don't expect much else in this space.

Have fun doing whatever you are doing that is not as cool as meeting up with 30 of the coolest people on the planet, in a casino, to eat, drink, and shoot (after recovering from the drinking that is...).