Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aw hell....

One of our cats needs to be put down.

She has a cystic growth that can't be controlled. The vet has excised it before, but it grew back, and there's really nothing for it. He didn't call it a tumor, but rapid uncontrolled tissue growth... the distinction is lost on me I suppose.

We've been hoping it would either stop growing, or slow down enough that excising it every few months would work (a few months back the vet suggested it may possible to do so); but it's just grown too far too fast. Two weeks ago she was OK, but as of today the cyst has completely filled her sinus passages and has grown out one ear canal.

She can no longer breath through her nose, or hear properly; and she's disoriented a lot, She's also constantly scratching at it, and opening it up to bleed. At this point it would be cruel not to put her down.

The thing is, Mac, our older dog, he's about to the point where we need to put him down too (arthritis, and yes we've been treating him, and it worked for a few months, but he's just old). And the girls only lost their grandmother a few months ago...

We were hoping it would at least be a few more months... past Christmas maybe, for the girls sake.

just damn... I hate this.