Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Obama Informercial

Firstly, no, I didn't watch it; though I've certainly watched some fun clips circulating now.

I HAVE however been scanning the blogosphere, the media sites, and talking to some people this morning who did, and I have to say the reaction is fascinatingly mixed.

For the faithful, their reaction seems to be "Oh my god, he was so great. I felt connected to him" etc...

The MSM seem to be busy using it as material for, shall we be delicate and say "self gratification".

But my interest is in the unconverted. Those who don't care for McCain or who are democrats but not Obama acolytes; and those who are just barely on the McCain side.

Universally it seem like their reaction has bee "The gall and arrogance of that man. Buying a 30 minute infomercial, and then worshipping himself for that whole time?"

You see, so long as Obama can deflect the attention from his arrogance, his lack of experience, his frankly ridiculous economic ideas, and frankly toxic social ideas... so long as he can be a blank slate for others to pin either their aspirations, or their dislike for the current republican administration on; he does very well.

However, once the unconverted see him, just him, being who he is... well, the reaction is very different.

The campaign may have thought this would be a great deal for them; hugely boosting their support. I disagree. I think this infomercial only shored up what support he already had. It didn't convert anyone new, and probably pushed a away a lot of uncommitted rural voters, middle America voters, small business owners.. basically all the people that Obamas philosophy explicitly rejects, hurts, or disdains.