Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy crap... I just got a promotion

So my boss called me just before our staff meeting, and said to me "I'm going to announce something at the meeting. We're fully merging the teams from the two divisions. The other chief architect position is being eliminated, and you're now both the chief architect, and the team lead for what was both teams, and is now one larger team".

So now instead of being just the chief architect for the smallest division; I'm now both the chief architect for the largest division (since the two divisions are merged), and the team lead for the entire team that had been supporting both divisions.

That's in addition to my enterprise wide role as consulting architect to the enterprise; my role as the architectural representative for my (now two) division(s) within the enterprise; and my roles as enterprise architectural subject matter expert on enterprise storage, backup archive and disaster recovery, high performance computing, clustered and distributed computing, information security, regulatory compliance, and virtualization.

Yes, seriously, those are all my roles and responsibilities. Yes, that is too much workload and too many roles for one person. Yes, I spend 40 hours a week on the phone.

Oh and that's not even taking into account the fact that we are about to nearly double in size from mergers and acquisitions; and that my division(s) will see the biggest impact of that. The next 18-36 months will be a nightmare for integration.

It's more responsibility, and big for my career as whole; though it's not a grade bump, or a salary change (our grading system doesn't work like that). It will mean a bigger bonus, and a bigger raise at my performance review however.

More importantly though, my boss is 2 years from retirement; and he intends to finish out his time positioning me to take his job when he does. This is just one more step down that road.