Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't want to be WoWed

Frequently, my fellow geeks are surprised to learn that while I am familiar with World of Warcraft (how can you be a geek today and not be); even familiar enough to get WoW jokes, and be amused by WoW themed and/or inspired comics and videos (Looking for Group is one of my favorite web comics); I don't play WoW.

I don't play WoW, because I don't like WoW.

In fact, I don't care for MMOs in general. They're fun for me for a few weeks, or even a month or two (basically until the solo gameplay aspects limit out), then I get bored.

I love role playing games; but I prefer they be single or multiplayer, not massively multiplayer... Or really I prefer they involve 3-7 people who I like (or at least tolerate), in a single room, with books and dice.

As for electronic gaming, I just don't like social network gaming. I enjoy social gaming, like Rock Band; and I like networked gaming when it is focused on individual achievements, or ad hoc groups (I enjoyed City of Heros for months, because it was entirely possible to advance through the game without ever having to have a "guild"); but not games that require the formation of online social networks (which is the fundamental mechanic of most MMOs, including WoW).

I'll gladly pay $60 for a game with an excellent, immersive single player storyline and gameplay. I won't pay a dime for a gameplay environment that requires me to create or join an online interest group, completely detached from "reality", in order to "get the full experience".

I build teams and manage projects, and schedule group efforts all day at work; and THEY pay ME, not the other way around.

I don't need or want that class of interaction. I have my job, my friends, my wife and my family, my gaming group (a subclass of friend as it were), and you guys for that.