Saturday, February 21, 2009

I frikking hate frikking Arizona

So about two months back, I got pretty sick. At first we thought it was a sinus infection and bronchitis; but I got a severe rash, and started having pretty bad muscle and joint pain.

You got it, motherfrakkin valley fever. Now generally valley fever isn't serious; and there's no real treatment for it, you just sort of wait it out until your immune system recovers; except instead of a week like the flu, it can take a couple months to completely recover, during which time you get every virus that wafts by your nose.

After about three weeks, I was 90% OK; but I was still getting a little upper respiratory schmutz, and my sinuses weren't clear.

Livable, but a bit irritating.

More irritating to me however was that during the two months while I was sick, my activity level plummeted to near zero, and I went off my restricted diet (you can't fight illness without energy); and I managed to gain about 30 lbs.

So last week I started back on my restricted calorie diet. I was also having more reflux than usual so I upped my UC meds a bit; which are themselves somewhat immunosuppressant.

..and we're into one of the worst flu seasons in years.

Restrictive diet, plus immunosuppressant, plus dormant valley fever, plus flu = death like misery for Chris.

I'm an idiot. I weakened my immune system through diet and medication; so I have no right to be surprised that I'm in full relapse since yesterday afternoon.. Fever popped to 102, every muscle in my body feels like I bruised it, and my chest feels like I'm trying to breathe tar.

Oh well, it's my own stupid fault... and at least the rash isn't back.

Anyway, the fever is back down somewhat and I'm taking all the palliative steps I can. If I spike again I'll hit the urgent care, but it's probably just going to be another week of waiting it out.