Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hmm.. my new favorite cocktail

Tonight, we decided to make an English night of it.. sort of... An English Colonial night that is.

Mel tried her hand at a lamb roganjosh, and I was planning on mixing up some gin and tonics; with my favorite gin, Hendricks (Actually, the only gin I really LIKE, vs tolerate).

One of our guests however decided they wanted a martini instead; and I decided to offer up something a little different.

I'm not a big straight martini fan, as it is corrently served. I prefer an original martini, or perfect martini; featuring a small amount of triple sec or orange bitters, along with both sweet and dry vermouth.

But I had this lovely lime juice, just sitting there...

Ok, what the hell, let's try an experiment.

I hadn't heard of it before I mixed one, but apparently this is called "the journalist martini", or just "the journalist"; or at least it is with slightly different proportions:
2 jiggers Hendricks gin
1/4 jigger sweet vermouth
1/4 jigger dry vermouth
1/2 jigger triple sec (I prefer cointreau)
1/2 lime juice (fresh, or clarified)
2 dashes bitters (I prefer peychauds, but angostura is fine)

Mix for two, over a full shaker of ice; stirred for 30 seconds, and poured straight into a martini glass.

By god that's a good drink. Seriously. Slightly bitter, slightly sweet, slightly sour, and totally refreshing.