Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Facebook ate my brain today

So a whole bunch of folks I went to high school with all decided to contact me via facebook today (this isn't the results of recent address book data mining; it's because someone is starting to plan our next reunion, next year).

This led to a bunch of chatting, and a bunch of searching through friends lists and more friend requests etc.. etc...

It's amazing how much the structure of social networks is kinda like a casino. You know, where one room leads into another room with no clocks and no exits? It's almost as bad as (thus far, the biggest time suck I have ever found on the internet).

It's all designed with addiction reward psychology, mixed with a healthy dose of voyeurism, and another healthy dose of nostalgia.

Anyway, I've got three big posts I'm working on, but between actual work I'm being paid for, setting up stuff for Crispin press, and my digression today, haven't managed to finish them.