Tuesday, June 23, 2009

General, Marine, Aviator, Actor, Sideman, Announcer, Father

Ed McMahon was all of those things. He passed on early this morning, at age 86

Most folks think of him as the sweepstakes guy, or Carsons sidekick; and he was certainly one of entertainments great sidemen... but he was so much more than that.

A few years back, commenting on firearms myths, I wrote this about McMahon.
Ed McMahon is a Marine, but not a sniper. He was a fighter pilot in WW2 and Korea. McMahon in fact had a full military career before becoming famous, and he retired as a Brigadier General in the California Air National Guard; with over 25 years of service, including 6 years of active service in combat theaters, and 85 combat missions.

Thank you for your service, thank you for your talent, rest in peace.