Thursday, June 04, 2009

Long damn day, and a few reviews and notes

Got plenty of stuff to write, too tired to write it.

A few quick notes:
  1. New Anita Blake book = not bad. Only three sex scenes the entire book, and there was actual character and plot development. Plus, Edward and Olaf. I won't say that "Anita is Back", but I am strongly encouraged.

  2. Yay, Burn Notice is back, and I like the new direction hinted at. Should be fun. Also, I saw Anwar on Ferguson last night, and yeah, she is as crazy as I thought she was.

  3. Also, yay, In Plain Sight is back (for a few weeks now), and is still good; though it's starting a bit slow.

  4. New show Mental... shows some promise, but so far the execution is iffy. Obviously made on a low budget with limited sets.

  5. New show Royal Pains premierd tonight, and again, shows promise; and this time the execution is definitely NOT flawed... and neither is the budget. Seriously, if they don't screw this one up. they've got a potential major hit on their hands....

    I actually almost wish it was HBO or Showtime doing it, so they could REALLY go somewhere with it. We could've been looking at the next "Dexter" there, instead on USA, at best it will be the next say, Northern Exposure ('cept crazy rich people instead of crazy Alaskans) meets any show set in Miami (lots of bikini babes in the hamptons in summer yaknow).

    Oh and one of the reasons I'm thinking this one has the goods, is they paid attention to the little details. In scene after scene, there is stuff that if you noticed it, was meaningful later; but if you missed it, didn't ruin it for you either (just one hint: If you watch the pilot again, look at the kids shirt a couple times while the doc is talking to the kid, his girlfriend etc...)

  6. I've got a couple more posts about management and leadership brewing. Not sure when they'll be fully baked and ready to come out.

  7. Mels best friend took the kids to se "Up", and they all loved it.

  8. Damn... David Eddings died. The man wrote 20 or so of my favorite books. At one point I had signed hardcovers of all his books; and I still have a paper copy of most of them; and electronic copies of every one of the Belgariad, Mallorean, Elenium, and Tamuli.

    My best friend Jim IS Kalten. I mean the resemblance is uncanny. Actually the very first fantasy book he ever read was "the Diamond Throne" (I gave it to him), and a couple days later he said "he wrote ME in there huh?".

    Kheldar >everyone else, but Belgarath>Kalten>Kurik>Barak for my top five. I HATE Polgara passionately.

  9. More 12 hour days. I don't intend for them to be, it just sort of happens that way.