Thursday, March 18, 2010

Idaho, We Are Here

Two days late by plan, and after a grand total of 31 hours of driving and/or idling (we spent a fair bit of time idling by the side of the road unfortunately), and 54 hours grand total (the last 18 of which we spent driving and/or idling by the side of the road)... WE HAVE ARRIVED AT OUR NEW HOME.

Because of the heavy, and not necessarily very stable trailer; I did all the driving this time (which is why we only stopped after three hours the first night. After a long day, I was too tired, and in too much pain to continue).

Yesterday... well, I was certainly too much pain, having had to deal with three tires blowing on two occaisons, including two just 3.5 miles from home (still dealing with that one actually), and god knows I was tired; but I was also wired, and we made the full 18 hour haul (including the time spent dealing with the blowouts) in one long go.

In the process we drove through five states; and Idaho twice (leaving Idaho to travel through Montana, and back in to Idaho) because there is no good way to get to Sandpoint from Pocatello by road, without leaving the state.

It was a total of just under 1600 miles, including a few side trips. I havent run the numbers in detail yet, but we burned about 140 gallons of diesel, at an average of right about $3 a gallon.

Amazingly enough, not only did the dogs behave themselves for the most part; but they had a grand old time... and so far they love the new place (there are DUCKS to chase!!!!).

Now, onto the REALLY hard part... Unpacking.

God help us...