Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just one of those weeks

Yes, that's my trailer, sunk down to the frame rails on the passenger side, in the hidden, foot deep soft mud at the edge of my driveway.

Unfortunately, while my truck has the power to pull it out, even with 1000lbs of stuff in the bed; what it doesn't have is enough traction. Putting it into 4 low just dug 4 neat holes in my driveway.

The mud is covered by solid thatch, and to all appearances was good ground; but it dug in immediately the second the wheels went over the verge. I was able to drag it free about two feet before it bogged in and that was it.

It's still fully loaded, so what were going to do, is dig it out enough to unload it, then dig under and board the wheels, and try to drag it free when it's empty.

Otherwise imna have to winch the thing free; and god knows I don't want to do that... Hell, I'm not sure if it CAN be winched free without twisting the frame.

Oh well... Just another moving issue to deal with.