Thursday, March 18, 2010

So damn close

Were 2.5 miles from home, but we cant get there, because of this:

Yes, seriously, another blowout; and this one took the brand new tire we put on this morning with it.

No joke, were 5 minutes from the new house; but the sherrifs dept. cant find any 24 hour company with the right wheel and tire in stock, or with a wrecker and flatbed that can handle the trailer.

Plus, it's on the main commuter road for the area, sticking halfway into the lane because the shoulder was too soft for me to clear the road safely. So we can't just leave it til morning when we can get a new wheel and tire from an open place.

Were working with the sherrifs deputy now (who has been amazingly helpful, professional, kind, and understanding) to find a solution now.

Location:U.S. 95,Blanchard-Glengary,United States

Update: As of 1:45 am pacific, we made it to our new home; exhausted, irritated, overtired and wired, unable to sleep.

The Sherrifs Department (oh and if y'all end up reading this, thank you deputy - I won't identify his name unless he shows up and says OK, but he's very definitely one of the good guys) couldn't find a company with a wrecker big enough, or the right tires; but the deputy did have a suggestion:

The post office was maybe 100 yards away, and they had a layby parking lot that was out of the way. Since the wheels were trashed anyway, we checked the frame and axles for clearance (all good), then we VERY SLOWLY (in fact I shifted into 4 wheel low, since the road was wet, and I wanted low grunt for this job) pulled the trailer into the layby.

The deputy said that he would fix it with the post office so we weren't cited or towed in the morning; so we could get a new jack and two new wheels and tires out there.