Monday, March 29, 2010

Snap Crackle Breathe

Chris has bronchial pneumonia. I.E. both inflamed bronchial tubes, and VERY mild pneumonia.

Chris has both dry and wet coughs, is going snap crackle pop when he breathes deeply, and is coughing up gross crap several times a day.

Chris is not happy about this.

Let me be clear, this is VERY mild, secondary, viral pneumonia. Nothing dangerous. Not bacterial, not serious, just unpleasant (yes, I know some of my family members read this).

It's alright. Nothing life threatening. Just a bit of secondary viral infection from not resting enough while I had an upper respiratory infection; and then pushing too hard when I KNEW I was sick the last two weeks.

Yes, I did it to myself. Yes I rested, but it wasn't enough. The stress of moving while being sick, suppressing how sick I was with OTC medications, combined with not sleeping well for two weeks etc... etc...

Anyway, the primary infection is over and gone, the fever is over with, it's just the coughing up gross stuff phase, and that's probably going to go on another week or so.


In the mean time, we have a lovely wood burning stove/fireplace (it's one of those hybrid models that's kinda both), and I've got a comfy couch, mucinex, a steam inhaler (what comes out after using it is unpleasant, but it makes my lungs feel better for a couple hours afterwards), and an urgent care clinic and ER two and four miles away respectively.