Tuesday, March 09, 2010

102 hours, 102 degrees

We move in 102 hours; and I'm sick. Not just a little sick. Not just feeling bad...

Alternating 102 degree fever and shakes, with ice cold chills and shakes; and my hands and feet are always freezing. Nothing stays down, or stays up. Every joint in my body is swolen and in pain.

If I dont get substantially better in the morning, I'm going to the hospital.

but wait, it gets better...

We don't have our trailer yet; because my company screwed up my payroll, and accidentally deposited my bonus in a closed account (even though my paycheck has been direct depositing in a different account for several months).

So we can't load up, or take some of the big stuff to other people as planned; and it wont be fixed until at least Thursday, maybe not til Friday.

This is what happens when you tempt god by making plans.