Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another blizzard on the way...

So, this time, it's expected to start snowing here around 10pm tonight, and not stop 'til around 4am on Thursday.

They're predicting a minimum of 8" with accumulations up to 24" at our elevation, and 18-36" in the elevations immediately above us. Winds may exceed 50 knots, and severe icing is expected. At least the snow should keep the temperatures in the high 20s low thirties; but immediately after the snow ends, they're expecting a couple days at 37-40... which means massive ice issues all weekend and beyond.

We're fully expecting a power out on this one. Got all the backup battery banks charged up, got batteries and candles ready, got a bunch of firewood ready to go, water and food, and a refill on the propane... we should be good to go, in case of a couple days worth of power outage. Shelter, heat, light, food, and water... all covered.

Great timing eh?