Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back from British Columbia

We got in last night around 1am; driving home between two storm lines, that dropped a few inches in front of us, and a few inches behind us.

Pretty much we got through just in time. Any later we'd have been stuck in Washington overnight (I am not driving through a twisty and steep pass, on chains, at night, if I can avoid it).

Thankfully, the Snoqualmie pass was clear when we went through it (the storm behind us dropped a few inches, requiring chainup), but the last three hours were spent driving in blowing pellet snow and ice, with little visibility and obscured roads.

At least the predicted 5" didn't happen. It's more like 3" out there. Of course, the snow is supposed to start up again later today, and continue through Saturday.

The visit with the girls went generally well, though because of a scheduling screwup, we only got one full day with them; the other two days spent with the court ordered family therapist, doing her evaluation for the custody report; and we only got to spend a couple hours each day with them.

No, we were not happy about this; but at least that part of the court BS is over and done with.

Since I know everyone is going to ask, the girls are alright. They're dealing with this a lot better than we are.