Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2,556 days

2,556 days, 3,385 posts, 2,586,108 unique visits, 3,660,432 unique page views...

Yes, today is my 7 year blogiversary; which is roughly 4 gajillion in blog years.

Actually, since the average "active" blog lasts two years, I suppose the "blog years" works out to about 39 years (based on U.S. average life expectancy) per year, so my blog is now 273 years old.

That would explain why it's not quite as vigorous or "regular" anymore...

3,385 posts... and man I generally write long posts so there must be at least a couple million words in there. Honestly I have no idea how many, but given the dozens or maybe hundreds of 10,000 word posts I've written (and a couple of 20,000 word posts), and the at least a thousand (probably more) 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 word posts; I think it's at least 5 million and it wouldn't surprise me if I'd written 10 million words on this blog over the past seven years.

Given the average novel these days is around a hundred thousand words, that's something like 50 or 100 novels worth of blathering.

It's been an... interesting... seven years.

In the last seven years I've acquired a wife and two children, spent five years in one job (something I'd never done before), moved our entire life from Arizona to north Idaho, lost my mother and my brother, gained over 200 pounds, lost over 120 pounds of that, and developed cancer (which I am still fighting).

I met my wife six months after I started this blog, and we've been together since three months after that.

It's just... absolutely bewildering to me how different my life is today, from how it was on February 14th 2005. I could never have predicted this.

Thank you to all my readers, and all my friends. I've said this before, I do this for me not for you, but I appreciate everything you've given me, done for me, experienced with me... My life would be far poorer without you.

...and I have a question for you:

For my long term readers, or for newer readers who have read the archives, what do you consider to be my best post of the last seven years, and why?