Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dog Sick and Swollen

So by around Thursday last week, Mel and I both started feeling a bit of the dreaded travel crud; but were able to stave it off (mostly) through sheer energy and determination... and the wonder of modern pharmaceutical medicine.

By the time we had to get on the plane Sunday though, we were both full on sick. Head and chest filled with crud, joint pain, light fever, the whole thing.

The fact that we were both running on serious sleep debt, to add exhaustion to the mix, certainly didn't help.

The last two days at least I've been able to sleep it off some; but Mel has ben working. She got sent home early today as too sick to work.

My added complication is that I wasn't able to take my diuretics most of last week (two days out of seven). Combined with all the sitting in cars and airplanes I did, I managed to gain over 30lbs, and swell up my hands, feet, and face, quite thoroughly.

Normally a few days back on the diuretics would take care of such a situation; but you can't take diuretics when you're sick like this, because they'll dehydrate you, and thicken your mucous.

At this point, my hands and feet are so swollen they actually hurt to touch; and I'm going to need to start back on the diuretics in the morning no matter what.

Oh and I have a final job interview for one of my potential new jobs tomorrow, so, yay...

Wish me luck or something.