Monday, February 20, 2012

Shippin up to Boston

Mel and I will be in Boston, the surrounding area, Connecticut, and New Hampshire; from late afternoon Monday the 20th, through late afternoon Sunday the 26th.

We're going to try to visit with some of my family, celebrate my mothers life as we can.

Our schedule isn't firmly set, and probably won't really get that way. We're pretty much going to have to take things as they come.

Unfortunately, my family wont be able to gather together as a group, so I'm going to try to visit people individually as and when I can.

Also, unfortunately, I haven't managed to reach everyone to tell them my plans yet. We had all assumed we were going to have a group gathering this week, but plans for that fell through. Unfortunately I had already made unchangeable travel plans, and Mel had already taken the week off for bereavement leave; and we're certainly not going to waste the money canceling the trip.

We're staying near 95 and 128, for convenience of travel.

We need to visit friends in Nashua on Wednesday evening, and at some point we are going to try to head up to the Lake Winnepesaukee area... Maybe Wednesday morning, to hit Nashua on the way back. Thursday morning we'll be heading down to Hartford and visiting with friends.

I'll need to be in Marlborough, Quincy, and Waltham during business hours, at least a few hours each; though I'm hoping to be able to do more than one in a single day.

Also Mel has never really seen or done anything in Boston, and she'd like to do that at least one day. Maybe go to the aquarium or the science museum. If the weather cooperates, maybe do the trolley tour thing.

Basically, we expect to be all over the entire region for the entire week.

Saturday afternoon, or Sunday late morning/afternoon (our flight's at 6) and I'm hoping to try to get at least a few of my family members together at some point.

Saturday night we're trying to have a blogger meetup dinner, probably in northeastern Mass (I've got JayG signed on so far, and have several invites out. If you're a blogger or reader in the region and want to join in, drop me a line).

So, if any friends are going to be around where we're going to be, and want to get together, drop us a line.