Friday, October 12, 2012

Had a pretty good week

Jim, my best friend of 29 years visited this week, from Sunday through Wednesday morning. This was the first time I had seen him in 3 years, and we really took advantage of the visit to have a great time.

Mostly, we just drove around from cool place to cool place here in North Idaho, enjoying each others (and of course Mels) company.

... Actually not ALL north Idaho, as we also visited eastern Washington, and western Montana (for a few minutes anyway. We just drove the scenic route around Lake Pend Oreille and the Clark Fork River, hitting Montana a bit before sunset, before driving home).

Otherwise, we hung out back at the house, with the dogs hanging out all over us (Jim is as big a dog person as we are), watching movies, talking, and eating large quantities of smoked meat (we smoked beef and pork Monday).

We were originally going to do some ATVing, maybe get some shooting in... and just decided that we were having more fun relaxing and not doing too much, so we'd keep doing that.

We dropped Jim off at the airport early Wednesday morning, grabbed a bit of breakfast, ran some errands then came home and collapsed. I hadn't really slept much the previous few days, so I ended up sleeping pretty much the rest of the day, got up and had some leftovers for dinner, then went back to sleep 'til this morning.

Finally, we got a bunch more errands done today; then Mel and I hung out at the local dog friendly microbreweries tap room, with our little escape artist doggie friend Wash.

He has a habit of sneaking through the fence one way or another. When he does, we sometimes gather him up in the truck, and take him around to run errands with us. Most of the area is very dog friendly, and Wash is great around people... and he just loves to be out and about.

It's been beautiful this whole week, mid 60s and sunny in the day, and not hitting freezing overnight (though it came close). The indian summer is winding down, and real fall is starting, but not this week (the rains will be starting Saturday or Sunday... and rain and snow will pretty much be the order of the day 'til next April).

All in all, a pretty good week.