Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Nose, Fingers, Toes

So, here was Baby Byrne at 8-1/2 weeks:

Yes, at 8-1/2 weeks, our baby looks a hell of a lot like a kidney bean inside a chili pepper.

This is baby Byrne just four weeks later, at 12-1/2 weeks:

Baby Byrne is now about four and a half inches long from crown to rump.

Mel is still morally certain it's a boy, but at 12-1/2 weeks it's impossible to tell accurately, and the baby wasn't every in the right position to make a guess. We'll know for sure at the next ultrasound in 8 weeks.

What IS clear though, is that our baby has a face, with a clear nose and jaw.

Our baby has two arms, with two hands, and five fingers on each.

Our baby has two legs, with two feet, and five toes on each.

Our baby is VERY active. We were watching him kick, punch, and roll over, pretty much constantly, for the entire ultrasound.

Four weeks, from a kidney bean, to a baby...

Amazing, this whole creation of human life thing.