Thursday, October 04, 2012

Shocked, shocked I say to find libertarianism in this establishment

From which has some interesting data breakdowns under all those links.

Of course, like any poll questions they're somewhat simplistic, but actually if you expand the options, they're a lot more comprehensive than most.

Actually, there was one surprise... Who the hell is Virgil Goode... Oh wait, right, the "constitution party" guy. Yeah...

Yaknow, I should be the target voter for the constitution party... 'cept their platform has way too little to do with the actual constitution, and way too much to do with god. If a politically aware and knowledgeable, constitutionally oriented guy like me had never even heard his name before now... ...well, that says a lot about the "constitution" party doesn't it.

And Rocky Anderson? He's a former far left democrat running under a party that was specifically founded to put him on the ballot in 2012... But would make a perfectly fine "progressive party" "workers party" or other pseudo-socialist party candidate. He's the "Dennis Kucinich" of 2012 I guess.