Monday, October 09, 2017

Cards on the table...

So I've been in the middle of a side project for a while now. Years in fact.

I haven't put much cash in, and where I have it's been as a float for an actual financial partner. So don't think donations have been going there, they haven't. I've been more the labor and emotional labor part of this equation. I'm getting a healthy portion based on that. It's not bragging to say this entire project would have died a long time ago if it weren't for me. It's also not overstating to say that successful completion would result in me not having to do any more goddamn fundraising for the rest of my life, at least not for my own family.

However, we're a few weeks out from completion, and the financial part has dried up. No one's fault. Things like that happen.

We're looking for a couple of investors for the next couple of months to finish up. You wouldn't be getting what I'm getting but you'd be getting a very healthy return on investment. I'm not willing to go into details as to how healthy in such a public forum. We're short on cash for this, and that's what we're looking for.

So if anyone is interested please drop me a line at to that effect or message me on Facebook. If we're not on a first name basis or it's not obvious who you are, please include the name or screenname I'd know you by.

Thanks all,