Sunday, October 29, 2017

I really hate the first of the month...

As fast as things are moving, some things aren't moving fast enough.

Like getting Chris back to work... or my side project which has again been delayed.

So the good: Chris is seeing the endocrine oncologist at Mass General, and we're working out a treatment plan based on testing.

The bad: the oncologist is at this juncture wanting to do targeted radiation and maybe injected alcohol, which is a multi week treatment which we don't know how Chris will tolerate.

Did I mention I really need my side project to speed the hell up and pay me? Yeah...

So here we are again.

I need to pay rent, and other monthly bills (like insurance), as well as fix Big Green because I need to give the borrowed vehicle back to her owner. And prep for winter. And, and, and...

So here we are.

So I'm looking for 2 things: additional investors for my side project, and operating costs for the next month to keep a roof over our head, heat, and transportation.

I've still got the GoFundMe up and running, PayPal to also works, Google Wallet to, or hit me up on Facebook. I may not respond today, but I will catch up to everyone when I can. If you're interested in the investment part please email me at

Thanks all,