Monday, October 16, 2017

When things start moving, they really move...

Chris's endocrinologist called this afternoon. Chris is being referred back to the endocrine oncologist and rock star surgical team at MGH.

Not even a few hours have passed since the endo's office let me know they were sending along the referral and the oncologist's office is already calling trying to set up an appointment.

Bottom line is surgery and radiation will be happening in Boston and will apparently be happening quickly. This is a GOOD thing.

However, it's mid-October. We've finally gotten the insurance company to recognize Chris has hit his personal out of pocket max (family is another deal entirely). There's only a month and half until things reset.

Then it's next year, and trust me, we're not going through the exchange next year, we're dealing directly. That will mean no subsidy, but we'll have the plan with the lowest deductible and out of pocket max that will actually cover all of New England instead of just NH.

... and it will be expensive as hell. Cheaping out turned out to be expensive as hell too. We'll go with the expensive as hell with faster treatment.

So surgery is coming up, as well as multiple trips back and forth to Boston, and whatever babysitting arrangements I need to make so that Christopher is taken care of during that time (including getting him on and off of the bus for preschool). This is going to expensive.

On top of that we still have to fix a vehicle oh and pay the bills, including the health insurance bill for November and December that I don't even know how it will be, because for some reason it changes month to month. Plus the whole roof and food thing. Plus we need to replace the hot tub because it's the only way Chris can currently bathe due to mobility issues, and oh the poor bed needs replaced, badly...

But things are moving. Finally!

Chris sees the endocrine oncologist on the 24th and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we will get this ball fully rolling by the time the out of pocket max resets on New Year's.

In the meantime we need to stay afloat.

I've still got the GoFundMe up and running, PayPal to also works, Google Wallet to, or hit me up on Facebook. I may not respond today, but I will catch up to everyone when I can.

Thanks all,