Sunday, October 16, 2005

A little Comparison

The Pats are about to go up agasint the Broncs in mile high.

A tough enough game under normal conditions, but take a look at these:

Patriots injured list

OUT RB Kevin Faulk (Foot)
T Matt Light (Ankle)
QUESTIONABLE OLB Tully Banta-Cain (Knee)
ILB Monty Beisel (Finger)
WR Troy Brown (Foot)
ILB Matt Chatham (Knee)
RB Corey Dillon (Ankle)
CB Randall Gay (Ankle)
DE Jarvis Green (Shoulder)
DE Marquise Hill (Ankle)
ILB Larry Izzo (Thigh)
OLB Willie McGinest (Finger)
CB Tyrone Poole (Ankle)
SS James Sanders (Ankle)
FS Guss Scott (Knee)
DE Richard Seymour (Knee)
CB Duane Starks (Thigh)
PROBABLE QB Tom Brady (Shoulder)

Broncos Injured List

QUESTIONABLE CB Roc Alexander (Hamstring)
CB Champ Bailey (Hamstring)
OLB Louis Green (Hamstring)
PROBABLE RB Tatum Bell (Toe)
G Cooper Carlisle (Ankle)
SS Nick Ferguson (Hand)

18 players injured, including Brady, Faulk, Starks, Seymour, McGinest, Green, Dillon... never mind Harrison and Bruschi; and people keep asking why the pats arent performing....

Shit it's a wonder they're at .600

Amazingly enough though, they're at +3.5 on a 47.5 over against the Broncos... I'm notn sure I get that one, but I'm hoping everones right.

Of course the general run of football this year hasnt been one of breakout performers. The Pats are #1 in the division, and tied for fifth in the conference with Jacksonville (behind Indy, Denver and miracle of miracles, Cincinatti).

Hell the NFC is looking even worse. The only team in the NFC with a better record is... TAMPA BAY.... it's a sign of the apocalypse I tell ya.

Remember the predictions I made last week about placement for this week? Yeah they were all correct. That said, cinci is keeping the hope alive for now. WHile the thought of them actually winning their division is I think laughable, they are in good position for a wildcard (I still think tennessee is going to kick their ass).

UPDATE: 28-20, it was a hard fought game, but soooo many mistakes, and no backfield... Wello you just cant win playing that way.

Oh and Robert, NFC east being the toughest division and Dallas all the way? Dude you are on crack. Philly is gonna stomp your ass, and the NFC south is definitely the tougher division this year. Hell most of the AFC is tougher than the NFC (of course it was t'other way around for ... 25 years or thereabouts).