Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stack bets

So I won the poker tournament tonight. Pretty good game really. I started out by taking 4 people out in two hands, then got down to short stack before the final table.

I started the final table short stacked with about $3000, blinds at $500/$1000, and I double up or more 5 hands in a row, and 2 guys get knocked out. This puts me even with three others on the table, and I knock out 3 more., but with split and side pots all three of us left are about even.

So I flop broadway, and slow play it to get an all in; and we're heads up with me double dominating him.

My heads up managed to fight back to almost even; and we ended up battling over it for 30 minutes before I finally cut him in half 4 hands in a row.

Last hand I get rockets, and I slow play it. He gets queens, and the low rainbow comes out. I check to him he goes all in and I call instantly.

Rolled it, and got nothing, and that was it.

Got a nice card protector out of it.