Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Greatest Invention in the History of Man Kind

That picture poses a very good question; and I for one believe the answer is: You wouldn't.

The founders of the company apparently agree with me:

It’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.

Up until several months ago, we worked together in a little technology company. While on a business trip together, we had the chance to sit down for dinner and eventually, the conversation turned to our mutual love of bacon. It was then that Justin told Dave and another coworker named Kara about his idea for Bacon Salt™. Kara, who is a vegetarian, loved the idea. Dave, a card-carrying carnivore and Midwesterner, loved it even more. Even the waiter at the fancy restaurant loved it.

And from that point forward, a partnership was struck to turn this bacon-flavored dream into a reality. We asked friends, colleagues and family members if we were completely nuts, but at each turn we got encouragement and more importantly, people who just couldn't wait to eat it. We learned that people were unsatisfied by the bacon flavored products on the market: too smokey, too crunchy and none of it tasted like real, savory, delicious bacon, they said. We smelled a big opportunity (which, ironically, smelled exactly like bacon frying on a Sunday morning).
It's probably full of horrible nitrates, and sulfur, and the essence of kittens and other stuff that makes liberals cry... hell it's even KOSHER. KOSHER Bacon flavoring, YES!

Did I order some?

Considering I wrote this two years ago: "for my money, all non dessert food should be fried in bacon grease. Just for a second or two, but still, everything needs bacon grease. Oh and lots of butter, and cream."

Do you even have to ask? All three flavors baby; because EVERYTHING should taste like bacon!!!