Saturday, July 21, 2007

More things I thought I would hate but didn't

It's time for another installment of stuff I surprised myself by enjoying.

1. The Unit: I picked up the DVD set a few weeks back and watched it all in one go. I know a few folks in that world. They get it wrong, but they get it wrong a lot less than just about everyone else.

The production values and quality are among the best of any military show I've yet seen. More importantly, they manage to balance the home, family, and emotional lives of the characters, with their professional military lives... and give proper weight to both sides of the story. No other military show has ever done that as well.

2. The Devil Wears Prada: I thought it was going to be a horrible stupid chick flick. Not even close. Stanley Tuccis speech in the middle is worth the price of admission alone....

... Oh and if Anne Hathaway was EVER a size six (what they said she was in the movie) I'd be amazed. She's 5'8 and I'd guess 105lbs with maybe a 20" waist. She is however both an avowed christian (ex-catholic, left the church because her brother is gay and she didn't like the churches attitude towards that), and a libertarian to boot. Also great name for an actress, really.

3. Burn notice: Bruce Campbell... Nothing more need be said, but I will. I really like Jeffery Donovan. Most folks don't know who he is, but he's about the best deadpan man out there right now. He was quite good in "Touching Evil" a remake of an excellent British series which lasted all of five seconds here in the US.

The show itself... well somebody did their homework; or they have a couple of very good technical consultants. Now, someone needs to feed Gabrielle Anwar a cookie... and make sure sshe never does that horrendous Irish accent again.