Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I gots boolits

Specifically, I have 1200 180gr Hornady XTP premium jacketed hollowpoint bullets; which in total cost me about about $40.

Hows that?

Well 1000 of them are from my Hornady L-n-L press rebate, so I only had to pay shipping. The other two boxes of 100 I bought locally for $16 each.

I've got Brass trundling it's way down the road from Kansas to me as of last night; should be here either Friday or Monday. Let me jsut say DAMN 10mm brass aint cheap. I'm paying more for 10mm than .223 brass.

It's better than the loaded ammo price though. Locally, 10mm prices are around $23 for 50 generic, or $20 for 20 premium. $0.46 to $1 per round isn't exactly affordable for a lot of shooting. As it is, the brass is costing me $0.17 per, the powder $0.023 per, the primers $0.02 per, and if I were actually paying for most of those bullets they'd be $0.12 a piece.

$0.33 a piece for premium hollowpoint ammo vs $1... and $0.13 cheaper than even the generic; and that's before I take into account reloading the brass, or the fact that I got most of those bullets as a rebate...

Yeah, I'll take that option there thanks.