Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahhhh, I've become one of the pod people

I've been trying to use my smartphone as my MP3 player for a while now; but honestly, every media player I've tried for windows mobile has sucked.

I love the idea of only carrying around one device (I have enough of a batbelt without any more electronics on it); but this phone just isn't working for it.

Sooo.... I decided to grab a standalone mp3 player. I wasn't planning on an iPod, but refurb nanos were on sale for 30% off, and...

If your screen happens to be 14.1" at 1280x1024, that pic is actual size by the way. This thing is tiny; 2" by 2-3/4" in fact.

...Which is kinda the point.

Actually, the whole thing is smaller than the LCD on my phone, and only about 1/4" thick. So, it won't be part of the bat belt. IN fact the thing should fit in the zippo pocket of my jeans (if I grab a ard case for it anyway... not sure I'd trust it in there bare).

Now this is by no means my first mp3 player. In fact, my first was the weird amoeba shaped Rio from like 1998; and I've had an mp3 player of some kind ever since. It is however my first iPod.

So, Apple cultists, what are the "must have" accessories? And since my primary laptop is a linux machine, what's the best sync solution for iPods on linux?

Also, I already listen to (and sometimes watch) a bunch of podcasts; but I'm always looking for more.

Oh, and is it worth messing with any of the hacks for the nano?