Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, how I wish...

... that the words "shut up you little idiot", were in Jaynes vocabulary.

Note the time stamp on this post.

Mac, being a much older and wiser dog, has learned to differentiate between someone climbing over the back fence; and the chihuahua two streets over barking at it's neighbor. Jayne, being just 9 months old (actually, two weeks shy of that... wow... has it been that long already?) has, unfortunately, not.

And of course, he still has the brains of a puppy, but the body of a full grown dog (90 lbs and growing; and already taller and longer then Mac). That of course also means he has the BARK of a full grown dog.

... which if you haven't experienced it, is quite disconcerting when exercised straight into your ear at 2:28am.

At least I know to ignore it when Mac isn't joining in. He's pretty much 100% reliable alerting on people coming onto the property; and almost never alerting on anything else.