Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Involuntary Servitude Day

Also known as national Buy A Gun (BAG) day.

This year things are a bit tight between taxes and legal expenses so far this year, but I still wanted to buy a gun for BAG day.

So, this weekend we grabbed one of these:

A SIG P6 (aka P225) from J&G sales, for $270 with a spare magazine and holster.

I haven't had a chance to shoot it off yet, but I've shot a p225 before, and it's an excellent pistol. On this particular example, the single action trigger is amazingly good for a SIG. It's about 5lbs, very crisp, with no creep, no grit, and minimal overtravel. Of course being a former German police gun, the DA pull is ridiculous. My trigger pull scale only goes to 12lbs, I'd estimate this breaks at 14lbs; but other than the weight, it's also sooth and consistent.

The pistol is in absolutely excellent mechanical condition; looks like it was shot very little, but has a lot of holster wear.

So, over the course of this year, I'm going to do something interesting.

I'm going to refinish this gun with durakote or gunkote (or possibly some other spray on baked epoxy finish); and change the sights out for whatever my readers think would be the best choice. I'm also going to try and find a set of the nice wood grips, or at least the pachmayer rubber grips, that you can sometimes find for these guns; and see what I can do about that DA trigger pull (I suspect not much actually).

Then I'm going to do something interesting with it.

Last year, I held a charity auction by proxy; awarding a Hungarian PA-63 to the reader who gave the largest donation to Soldiers Angels - Project Valour-IT during their annual fundraising drive.

This year, the gun I'm auctioning of will be the to-be-restored P6.

So, what sights should I grab?